Blackout & Insulated

The Best Campervan Window Covers

Vanlife Gear

The Perfect Campervan Window Covers

After 5 years of full time vanlife it was time to build the perfect Insulated & Blackout Window Covers.

The result: I think we nailed it.


Privacy, Blackout and Temperature Control

Our precision machine-cut and strong rare earth magnets provide complete blackout and privacy, leaving you feeling safe and secure wherever you choose to camp.


Automotive & Marine Grade Materials

✔ Water & Mold Resistant Materials
✔ Foil-Faced Automotive Insulation
✔ UV Resistant Stitching
✔ N52 Rare Earth Magnets
✔ Polyurethane UV Coated Material


Comfortable in Any Climate

Winter or Summer? Doesn’t matter... Our window covers are constructed using foil-faced insulation and tested in -40°C Canadian Winters and southern Californian summers.

We know what matters

After years of living on the road full time, we know exactly how important it is to pack only the most essential and high-quality products in your campervan.