★★★★★ +2500 Happy Campers

Discover Why 1000s of Van Owners are Obsessed with These Window Covers

Here are the big 5 reasons that every van lifer instantly falls in love with these camper van window covers by The Wanderful

1. Fastest Way to Keep Your Van / Warm Cool

Winter or Summer? Doesn’t matter... Our window covers are made with foil-faced insulation that blocks 95% of UV Rays and are tested in -40°C Canadian Winters and southern California summers.

2. Deeper Sleeps While Travelling or Camping

Our machine-cut and N52 magnets provide complete blackout privacy, leaving you feeling safe and secure wherever you choose to camp

3. Over +2500 Happy Campers They Really Work!

They are the bomb!
“We are just loving the black out shades you guys make. They are the bomb!.”
★★★★★ Mary C.

The shades are phenomenal quality
"The shades are phenomenal quality, completely black-out my cabin, pack up and stow in a very compact way, and install when I am stopped for the night very easily with crazy-strong magnets."
★★★★★ Greg K.

These coverings are badass
"omg... I'm IN LOVE!!! I was beyond impressed with how much they help to hold in the light & regulate the temperature in the van"
★★★★★ Allyson S.

4. Test Them Out For 30 Days

Made Using the Best Automotive & Marine Grade Materials. Comes with a 2 Year Workmanship Warranty

✔ Water & Mold Resistant Materials
✔ Foil-Faced Automotive Insulation
✔ UV Resistant Stitching
✔ N52 Rare Earth Magnets
✔ Polyurethane UV Coated Material

5. Other Covers Just Werent Cutting it

So we made some that would 

✔ Premium UV Resistant Materials
✔ Lightweight
✔ Fast & Easy Install
✔ Strongest Rare Earth Magnets
✔ Perfect Fit
✔ Blackout & Insulated


Hear From Other Outdoor Enthusiasts

What a great company

“These feel great in both warm and cool weather conditions. No odor detection after many hours of wear.”
★★★★★ Charles S.

Super comfortable

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★★★★★ Jeremy M.

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★★★★★ Jerry L.

★★★★★ +2500 HAPPY CAMPERS


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