The Perfect Campervan Window Covers

After 5 years of full time vanlife it was time to build the perfect Insulated & Blackout Window Covers.

The result: I think we nailed it.

"10/10 Best purchase for my van so far!"

Jeremiah S

Designed For

Privacy, Blackout and Temperature Control

Our precision machine-cut and strong rare earth magnets provide complete blackout and privacy, leaving you feeling safe and secure wherever you choose to camp

Made With

Automotive & Marine Grade Materials

✔ Water & Mold Resistant Materials
✔ Foil Faced Automotive Insulation
✔ UV Resistant Stitching
✔ N52 Rare Earth Magnets
✔ Polyurethane UV Coated Material

Winter & Summer

Comfortable in Any Climate

Winter or Summer? Doesn’t matter... Our window covers are constructed using foil-faced insulation and tested in -40°C Canadian Winters and southern Californian summers.

How we Compare

Other Window Covers just weren't cutting it...

So we made some that would

✔ Premium UV Resistant Materials
✔ Lightweight
✔ Fast & Easy Install
✔ Strongest Rare Earth Magnets
✔ Perfect Fit
✔ Blackout & Insulated

Us vs Them

Us vs. Them