Thanks for checking out The Wanderful Soft Goods! You must be wanting to know if we ship to 🇨🇦CANADA 🇨🇦

Short answer.... Yes we do!

In order to provide Canadian customers with the best possible shipping rate we require Canadian Customers to fill out the form below which will allow us to give you an exact quote on how much it will cost to ship to your Canadian address. 

Wait.... Don't you offer Free Shipping?

Unfortunately we only offer Free Shipping for US Customers since that is where our warehouse is located. But to make up for that, when we provide you with the shipping quote, we deduct whatever the shipping cost would be for a US Customer and you only pay the difference.

Canadian Shipping Steps

  1. Fill out our Order Form by Clicking Here
    Inside the form, you will let us know which products you are interested in as well as your shipping address. 

  2. Order Confirmation
    Once your form has been completed we will respond within 2 business days with a details order and shipping quote. 

  3. Payment
    Once you receive your order confirmation from us,  you will be able to complete your online order with the proper shipping calculated. After payment has been made, orders will ship out within 7 days.

Canadian Order Form

General Transit Time Estimates

International shipments estimated to be delivered within 7-30 days. 

Please note that estimated arrival dates are not guaranteed. Weather delays and other unforeseen circumstances related to COVID-19 may impact delivery time.


For more information about our International Shipping Terms & Conditions, please click here.

Thanks for your interest in The Wanderful Soft Goods and don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions!