Designed for

Instant Tidiness

Tired of seeing a cluttered overhead shelf? This clever accessory not only hides the overhead mess but it keeps your belongings secure. 

Comes With

3 Pocket Storage System

This handy accessory gives you 3 pockets of additional storage space, including a fleece pouch for your valuables.

Throw in your keys, phone, cables, flashlight, or anything else you want to keep handy.

Safety First

Secure Your Belongings

The Hideaway Headliner Cover not only keeps your van looking stylish and organized, it also keeps your belongings secure while driving. No more items flying off the shelf on those bumpy drives.

What used to be an eye sore in my van now looks polished and organized. Love the new headliner cover!


To start, the headliner shelf cover is designed specifically for the Mercedes Sprinter Van 2007-2023 with a raised headliner shelf.

The Hideaway Headliner Cover works with both wood and metal headliner shelves.

The cover is held in place using both velcro and screws. If your headliner shelf is made of metal, you would only use the velcro to install.

We're currently taking pre-orders and are aiming to begin shipping by the end of March 2024.

Once in stock, orders ship out next business day.

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